Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Where does the time go?

Here it is March of 2011. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer just about 2 years ago. It seems like a lifetime ago and yet at the same time it seems like the other day.
My blog has been superseded by Facebook and just plain busyness I guess. It seems like my life is flying by even faster than ever. Emily turned 12 this year, which means Tim and I have been parents for a dozen years. Cate is eight and Sam starts school in the fall. Sam still can't get enough of his momma and I wonder how long that will last. I see Emily asserting her independence and I realize that one day I will actually have an empty house. Not for a while though.
I am staying quite busy with work and my volunteer activities. This year I am co-leading Cate's girl scout troop, volunteering as an art docent in her class, teaching Sunday school and working (a bit) on our church Website. In addition, I am still quite obsessed with running and really hope to finish a half-marathon before 2011 is finished. I'll keep you posted (hopefully) on my progress.
Unfortunately I've done no painting and no piano for awhile. Just no time I guess. I did start studying French with RosettaStone in hopes of making it to Paris this fall. We just returned from a family vacation to Cancun, where we had a great time. Really nice and relaxing. I almost hate to admit it, but Emily and I even enjoyed watching some TV together. For me, taking time to watch TV is vacation. Don't worry, we had plenty of fun in the sun too.
Well, here's to 2011. May it hold good things for me and you!

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nkmcalli said...

Yay! Glad to see a post from you.