Sunday, March 20, 2011

On Windows Phone

Well, I do not have a Windows Phone yet, but after months of a bit of work here and there...I FINALLY submitted my Windows phone application for certification today. I fully expect it to be rejected the first time around, but you never know. My application is a wine-food pairing application. Once you select a wine, you can search for wines on and view more wine details on their website. That's a screenshot of my app on the left.
After doing a bunch of research for the application, I am more in to wine than ever.
Right now I am enjoying a newly released Oregon Pinot Noir, a 2009 Christopher Michael. It's quite good. Good enough I would like to run down and buy a case of it. Maybe I will, but not tonight. I think I'll just stay home and have another glass.


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Very cool. We still need to pow-wow on my MSDN app...